To improve social media marketing for small business, you have to personalize and humanize your social accounts. This means you the person matter more than what products or services your company sells.

Before I get started, a little gripe…

I’m tired of reading articles by people and have no clue what they look like.  So here I am, just snapped this picture about 30 seconds before I’m typing this line here.


Me doing some type of boy band point from the 90s

You’re probably wondering what the hell does this have to do with a small business social media strategy, right?

I’m doing something here that I think all small businesses should be doing with their social media accounts.

Humanizing and Personalizing

The days where it was cool to hide behind a company name, pretending that you are in charge of some large company are over.  It is no longer beneficial to keep using the word “we” when referring to your company.

There is nothing personal about a huge faceless company.

And you need to have personality in a company in this day in age, if you want to continuously, emotionally engage and interact with people you come across online, and in the real world.

Sure you can totally ignore this idea of putting a real face on your company, and humanizing your social media accounts, and you may still succeed.

But not nearly as well as if you bought 100% into this idea and turned your faceless company, into one utilizes a real person and connects people on a personal level.



People Interact With People

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People engage with other people, other human beings.

If you are a new shoe company and you want to start to build up your social media presence, DO NOT make your social media accounts 100% all about your shoes.

Nobody wants to interact and engage with a shoe, it’s just not exciting!

not fun trying to engage with a shoe

not fun trying to engage with a shoe

Sure a company like Nike doesn’t have to worry about much of what I’m talking about. But Nike is also not trying build awareness of what their company does and if they do it well or not (they spent billions in the last 20 years doing this).

Everyone has heard of Nike and other huge public companies.  But most likely your company is not in that position.

Your small business needs to pull people in, get them interested in what your company and the people that are in charge… are doing.  Pull the outsiders in emotionally, make real connections with the people who will one day be customers and/or clients of yours.

So when you think about your social media marketing for small business, think how can I get people interested in what I am doing at my business.

Show People Who You Are



The answer is, tell them and show them who you are. Tell them why you started this business or why you think introducing this new product line might be beneficial for the customers

But also show them. Show them who you are, what you are about.  Make them feel emotionally connected to you and have a real need to see what your small business is up to.

Humanize and Personalize everything about your company, and extend that directly to what you will be doing with your social media accounts.


example of No Personalization on Twitter

example of No Personalization on Twitter

I’m specifically talking about your Facebook header image, your profile picture.  Your Twitter header image, and your twitter profile image.

These images need to tell the story of who you are.  Who is the person who runs the show and provides such an awesome service to it’s customers?

Doing this, putting yourself out in front, on the social media pages makes people feel an emotional connection to you, and then in return to your business.

me having a very emotional connection , I think!

me having a very emotional connection , I think!

This emotional connection is what causes people to comment, share, reply, retweet.  To engage with your page and start up conversations with you.

They don’t want to talk to a faceless company and never know who they are conversing with, that’s not fun at all, and people don’t do that generally.

Worry About This First

big bird is right!

big bird is right!

Do not worry about all the strategies and how many tweets per day.  How many hashtags should you use, and what times are best to tweet at. Forget tall that.

Forget all of that for now, and just worry about one thing.

Worry about how you can connect to people and get people to want to interact with you on your business social media account. Spend your energy solving this one problem.

As I have been saying in this social media marketing post, you have to start solving it by showing yourself on the company social accounts.  Connect with people as yourself.

And please stop using the word “we”. Use the word “I” when you talk about what your small business can do. Always use the word “I” not “we”.

For the exact same reasons you are adding your face to your social accounts.

Stand Alone, Be Remarkable



Don’t be scared to stand alone.  I know most small businesses you encounter do not do this.  I know you probably feel very skeptical about putting yourself out there.

About telling the world your story and  how you started and now run this awesome business of yours.

The world is changing, fast. Make the emotional connections with the people who one day will be a customer of yours.

Give them a reason to engage with you and want to know more about your company.

Give them a reason to want to know more about, you.

Social Media Marketing For Small Business Breakdown

1) Use “I” when referring to things your business does, not “we”

2) Use your face on all your business social media accounts, be on the forefront of marketing

3) Tell your story of you behind the business

4) Interact and engage with like minded people interested in the things your business does

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