Best Reverse Interview Questions

Think about the objective of the job interview, what goal do you want to accomplish by going to this interview?

Reverse engineer how they choose the right person for the job out of the many people that they interview.

In some way shape or form, you will realize that you must stand out, you must show that you are not only different from the rest but also the best choice... Read More...

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Vlog Update May 2016

My Journey - May 2016 update

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Students Playing Hooky Caught By NYPD Sting Operation

So I just read this story just now and this is basically the look I had on my face. Yea I was completely confused by what I was reading... test this is the 3rd line now

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How To Increase Twitter Followers – Business Strategy

How To Increase Twitter followers

This is where I type the directives for those who want short things to remember, that they can turn around implement.
1) Getting fake followers on your businesses twitter account is useless
2) The only way how to increase twitter followers on your business, is to connect and build relationships with real people
Go start searching, find cool people to connect with!

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Instagram Marketing For Artists

So you're an artist and you need a good Instagram Marketing Strategy to get exposure in this fast paced online world that we find ourselves in today.


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