get exposure as an artist

So you’re an artist and you need a good Instagram Marketing Strategy to get exposure in this fast paced online world that we find ourselves in today.

I made this post after I was saw someone posted a question on Reddit here.

Instead of making a list of the “the top 5 ways” to get exposure or doing something that like that, I’m going to just talk about the BEST way for an artist in today’s world to get the exposure they need to take their career to the next level

I’m Talking About Instagram


Yes that huge social network we call Instagram.

This is how you are going to get enough eyes on your work, that people will start to learn who you are, and also buy your art pieces from you.

I’m not talking about just creating an account and randomly posting photographs of your work.  You have to have a better Instagram marketing strategy than that.

And that is what I’m going to help you with.

Lets Get This Out Of The Way

A few things to get out of the way first, and I’m going to link you a few resources so you can learn if you aren’t already Instagram savvy.

This Youtube video here:

will explain all about hashtags and how to get a good hashtag strategy for the posts that you do.

So watch that if you want to brush up and learn about how to go about using hashtags on Instagram.

That’s great now we have hashtags and all, but that doesn’t get eyeballs on your stuff in the way you need it yet.

Find Influencers

find instagram influencers

The way to get exposure on Instagram is to seek out people in your area of art that area already popular and have a following on Instagram.

Find those people and connect with them. Talk with them, comment their posts a lot with real insightful thoughtful comments.

The first marketing strategy on Instagram is to search and spend some serious time finding awesome people who you want to follow and connect with. Do not rush this process.

It is going to be the backbone of your strategy.

Do not spam their feeds, do not.

Engage with other users who are also following and comment on their stuff on a regular basis. Build relationships with these people also and get to know them.

Comment their feeds and really get super involved in this community of people who love this type of art that you do and love so much.

You will slowly see some of these people start to follow you and comment and share your stuff.

Now that’s pretty cool.  But it’s not enough yet.

Now For The Big Right Hook


You should by now have a really good feel for this main influential person that you have been following and commenting on for some time.

You know what they like and don’t like I assume.

Make something amazing for them. I’m not an artist and that is why I can’t advise anything about this.

But whatever it is you make for them, make it super remarkable and something they can and will share on their Instagram feed.

Show Them

Now it’s time to contact them directly and show them this remarkable piece of art that you made specifically for them.

You’ve got to hit them up away from Instagram, maybe you have their email address, or maybe you have to message them on twitter to get their email address.

Don’t message them on Twitter with a short message about what you did and why you did it. Twitter messages don’t allow enough characters and you need a good solid message or email for them to read.

The Emotions

Get their email and craft a very personal email to them about what you made for them. Explain your story in the email and how you are an artist starting out.

Do not try to make the email too long or too short, but make sure  you tell your story so they can get a feel for who you are as a person and aspiring artist.

And do not talk about this new “instagram marketing strategy” you are trying out, definitely don’t bring that up to them.

You In The Picture With The Art


Make sure the images you send to them have you in them along with the art piece that you created. This is very important to have you in the pictures.

You have to appeal to this influencer’s emotions and get them to related to you. A good idea is maybe to write about “like when you were first starting out and nobody knew who you were”.

This will bring the influencer back to a time they  might have forgotten and this will get them to immediately relate to you on an emotional level.

This is what you want.

You ask for their address so that you can send them the amazing piece of art you created.

Do not even ask them to share it on their Instagram.

Trust me once they have given you their address to send the piece to, they will share it on their Instagram, and many other places. You have made it very clear you are starting out and looking to get exposure.

If you ask them to share it, then a flag will go off in their head that this was the only reason you did this and you do not care about them.

Which is wrong.

Rinse and Repeat


So you did it once, great.

Now do it again to another influencer on Instagram, and then another, and another, and another.

Before long you will have a huge following and you would have built an amazing network of people all based around the area of art that you love so much.

And this one Instgram marketing strategy will prove very useful for you.

Now get out there and start making it happen.

Create your awesome pieces of art and get them in front of peoples eyes so they can enjoy them!