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Stop looking for a fast way to increase twitter followers. There are no quick, fast ways to increase your twitter followers, if you want those followers to be real people.

Some people who came here are looking for a fast quick way how to increase their twitter followers for their business. Well this post I’m about to write is not for you.

I suggest stop searching for “how to increase twitter followers” and instead worry about how to interact and engage with the ones you have currently.

This will inherently increase the followers on your business twitter account, but in a very natural and real life type of way.

Using social media is not a quick easy way to get rich or get your business a lot of customers by doing little work.

It’s the opposite, and I wrote about how you need to be on the forefront of your business social media accounts, as I wrote about here:
New Age Business Social Media Marketing

Buying Twitter Followers Is Pointless

do not buy twitter followers

do not buy twitter followers

Sure you can pay for followers or get random people to follow you or your business on twitter. But the goal is to get people to engage and interact and spread the word about your business on twitter.

And that’s why we will only concentrate on doing just that, finding and building a real business twitter account, full of engaged people who care about who you are and what business you are involved in.

So How Do We Find People

took this last night, not to use for this post, but guess it worked out :p

took this last night, not to use for this post, but guess it worked out :p

You started your business because you are passionate about something right?

So let’s find people who are also passionate about, what you are passionate about. I bet they would love to  engage with you and maybe even follow you and your business.

Go to, and start typing in things that are related to what your business does.

screenshot of

screenshot of

See Who Interests You

You’ll get lots of results. Twitter will show you what comes up, and the great thing is, they will only show you the posts that are active with engagement, comments, and retweets.


So instead of searching for people and seeing people to follow you, look at it another way. Find the people that interest you related to your business subject/idea.

You’ll notice this is a lot more natural as this is how the real world works. You engage and talk to people that interest you (most of the time).  And from there a connection is built, and great conversation will arise.

It’s the same on Twitter or any other social media platform.

Engage With Them

2 people chatting in real life, it's the same on twitter

2 people chatting in real life, it’s the same on twitter

To make a connection and get someone interested in who you are or what your business, is not easy. It’s not something  you pay an outsourcing company to do for your business.

It’s not something you pay for a service that “builds twitter followers” for your business.

It’s what you should be doing in the new world of social media that we find ourselves in today. The people you can make an emotional connection with and get them interested in your business, the better position your business will be in.

robots are stupid and people don't want to interact with a robot

robots are stupid and people don’t want to interact with a robot

It’s not setting automated tweets to go out at specific times. That’s not how it works. That does not get people interested and want to follow you and learn about you.

That’s like saying in the real world, if you want to build your business relationships up, you would walk up to random people, hold your business card up, and spew a few lines then walk away without any interaction at all.

Try that, see how well that works.

Go Out There And Search!

go start searching, find cool people!

go start searching, find cool people!

So you’re still reading for some reason, instead of getting over on twitter and doing lots of searches to see what people interest you the most.

Find them, talk to them, see what they are all about. Build a real relationship with them.

Do not spam your business and just talk about your business and how they should buy from you.

That’s not what you would do in real life, so don’t do it online.

You’ll find lots and lots of people that will be super interested in you and your business if you just be yourself and be genuine.

How To Increase Twitter followers

This is where I type the directives for those who want short things to remember, that they can turn around implement.

1) Getting fake followers on your businesses twitter account is useless

2) The only way how to increase twitter followers on your business, is to connect and build relationships with real people

Go start searching, find cool people to connect with!