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Screenshot of The Field Company’s website

So for Grind episode #2 I am going over The Field Company again. This time I am analyzing how this company could use Instagram to build real brand and company awareness.

All links to their website and social accounts will be below.

So currently, The Field Company does not use Instagram which I think is a huge mistake.

Instagram is a top social network and boasts by far the most engagement per active user than any other platform. Even Facebook, and it’s not even close.


Stats Don’t Lie


redbull post that an incredible amount of user interactions

This is just one simple example above. Small brands to large brands to just the single girl sitting in her bedroom, with good quality Photographs, they will get more engagement on Instagram.


How Instagram Works

instagram on a mobile device

instagram on a mobile device

Instagram is all about Images, more so than any other platform. They say in image can tell a thousand words, well it’s definitely true on Instagram.

Unlike Facebook, people on Instagram are not just scrolling quickly through their timeline without pausing and taking in what they are seeing.

People on Instagram scroll much slower and actually take in the content that they are seeing with their eyes.  They pause and give a few seconds to think about each Image that they see.

Many times even pausing long enough to click on a specific image and comment/share, which is super awesome.

Instagram Sparks Emotions

interested looking man with an awesome beard!

interested looking man with an awesome beard!

A good picture posted on Instagram gets people to think.  It gets people to feel some type of emotion towards the image.

This is the real reason why there is so much engagement on this platform. People feel an emotion and want to engage with other users who are also feeling some type of emotion.

It’s not just a boring picture of a flower. People don’t get engagements for images like that.

They get engagements and likes and shares from images of flowers that are well planned out and use lighting perfectly.

awesome instagram image of flowers

awesome instagram image of flowers

To sum this up quickly we can definitely say this statement:

Instagram is about Quality over Quantity. While many platforms also are like this, it is most noticeable on Instagram.

Few Awesome Images I Liked

%2523outdoorcooking%2B%25E2%2580%25A2%2BInstagram%2Bphotos%2Band%2Bvideos%2B-%2BGoogle%2BChrome%2B2016-03-21 %2523scenery%2B%25E2%2580%25A2%2BInstagram%2Bphotos%2Band%2Bvideos%2B-%2BGoogle%2BChrome%2B2016-03-21

You can tell these spark an emotion in the people that are consuming them.  While I am not a photographer and probably could not take images like this (yet), I sure can appreciate them.

Top Brands Crush Instagram

Oreo Crushing Instagram

Oreo Crushing Instagram

Top brands out there use Instagram that are geared around their products. They aren’t using it to post images of people much.



They take their well known product and take photographs using a great setting, to spark emotions in people.


And of course these emotions that people feel, cause them to engage, which is great for the brands.

The Setting

The setting around their product matters just as much as the actual product itself. You don’t see Oreo just taking a well lit picture of Oreos and posting that.

You see they put a lot of thought into what else went in the picture with the Oreos. It looks elegant and definitely caused me to pause and think about what the photo was actually saying.

I really liked this photo and even thought about buying a bottle of champagne and Oreos!

another Oreo image I loved

another Oreo image I loved

The Field Company On Instagram

The Field Company Images From Kickstarter

The Field Company Images From Kickstarter

So they are not currently use Instagram, which I think is mistake.  As we can see from above they have some really cool images already.

But let’s take a look to see what Instagram has for related topics that The Field Company can get into.

Here are a few screenshots of searches that I think relate very well, and you can see their popularity.

2016-04-06-26-8cdes 2016-04-06-55-ixr6l 2016-04-06-41-fd7ez

So people on Instagram are definitely posting and interested in skillets and the type of images that The Field Company already has.

Tell The Story

The Field Company Image from Kickstarter

The Field Company Image from Kickstarter

The Field Company should of been using Instagram from day 1. They should of been telling their story through images, like the one above.

They shouldn’t wait until they have products that are ready to be sold, to start posting images on Instagram.

They should be using the awesome platform to tell the story of the company from day 1.

How they chose the formula of Iron that they did.

What does the factory look like where the iron is melted down. What did the first prototype look like.  Sure it probably wasn’t the greatest looking skillet.

People Love Stories

But that is part of the story, and what people can emotionally connect with. People know you don’t start out and have the best skillet, it takes design, engineering, trial and error.

Show images of all of this, throughout the process. Bring the people in on the story, let them be a part of it.

Research Research Research

check out what gets alot of engagements

check out what gets alot of engagements

If you are unsure what type of images are getting a lot of engagements on Instagram then get in there and do a search.

You will see Instagram will tell you what are some top posts. Do this often to see what other people around your subjects are doing to get the engagements that they do.

Learn how to take photographs that get people emotionally connected and provoke thought in their minds.  It’s not easy, I know.

But if it was, everybody would be doing it and crushing it on Instagram, but the fact is they are not.

Only the ones who take the time and put in the effort, will see the results.

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