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I am very passionate about helping small businesses make big impacts using social media to connect people to their business. I learn from people like Gary Vaynerchuck and Amy Schmittauer who have taught me a lot. I'm from New Jersey and I love the Phillies, Flyers, and E-A-G-L-E-S.

PBS Fake Fireworks Shitshow – And Fallout!

just a video here for ya, check it out and subscribe I am trying to get to 1,000 subscribers :) thanks so much! Read More...

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Best Restaurant Marketing Idea – More Patrons More Money

Spoiler Directives 1. Put your face and personality on the website and all social accounts. 2. Give away a free desert for people if they checkin at the restaurant on their social media accounts. 3. Reply thanking them, and keep up the interaction even when they leave the restaurant. Read More...

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Restaurant Marketing Plan – Social Media

Spoiler Directives

1. Set and decide on 1 specific person to be the face and brand ambassador of your restaurant. This can be you, the owner or it can be someone in your business that is also passionate about the restaurant.

2. Make sure the website is concise and well designed. Not cluttered with too much going on like most restaurant websites Read More...

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Online Marketing For A Local Boutique

Spoiler Directives

1. Stop hiding behind your business - Show yourselves as the business owner and tell your story.

2. Use only real images - Do not ever use any image that you don't take of the clothing or accessories

3. Start a blog and fill it with content about yourself as a business owner and your passion for clothing and accessories for women. Read More...

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Selling Services Business – Lessons Learned

No real blog post this time just a video, comment and tell me what ya think!

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